Colour black battery type lithium-ion no. Of :6 cells voltage :10.8 v capacity :4000 mah/43wh
Compatible battery part no. 586028-341, 586006-321, 586006-361, 593553-001, 588178-141, hstnn-cbox, hstnn-q60c, hstnn-q61c, hstnn-181c, hstnn-ib0x, hstnn-ib1e, hstnn-ob0x, hstnn-ob0y, nbp6a174, nbp6a175, mu06 mu09 wd548aa, hstnn-ub0w,586007-541
Compatible laptop models compaq presario cq32, cq42, cq43, cq56, cq62, cq72, cq430, cq630,hp g4, g6, g7, g32, g42, g56, g62, g72, pavilion dv3-4000, dm4-1000, dv5-2000, dv5-3000, dv6-3000, dv6-6000, dv7-4000, dv7-6000
Hp envy 17-1000, 17-2000 series
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Voltage 10.8 Volts
Compatible Devices Laptop, Notebook
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion lacement For HP notebooks
HP 487354-001 462890-751 462890-151 511872-001 484170-002 462889-421 462890-541 487296-001 462890-421 462890-542 462889-121 462889-421 462890-151 462890-161 462890-251 462890-541 462890-751 462890-761 482186-003 484170-001 484170-002 484171-001 485041-001 485041-003 487296-001 487354-001 497694-001 497694-002 498482-001 511872-001 513775-001 516915-001 536436-001 EV06055 HSTNN-C51C HSTNN-C53C HSTNN-CB72 HSTNN-CB73 HSTNN-DB72 HSTNN-DB73 HSTNN-IB72 HSTNN-IB73 HSTNN-IB79 HSTNN-LB72 HSTNN-LB73 HSTNN-Q34C HSTNN-UB72 HSTNN-UB73 HSTNN-W48C HSTNN-W49C HSTNN-W50C HSTNN-XB72 HSTNN-XB73 KS524AA KS526AA HSTNN-C53C HSTNN-DB72 HSTNN-IB73 HSTNN-LB73 HSTNN-UB73 EV06 EV06055 KS524AA KS526AA
Fit Machine Models Dell notebooks
HP Pavilion dv4-1000 Series/HP Pavilion dv4-1100 Series/HP Pavilion dv4-1200 Series/HP Pavilion dv4-1300 Series/HP Pavilion dv4-1400 Series/HP Pavilion dv4-1500 Series HP Pavilion dv4-1600 Series/HP Pavilion dv4-2000 Series/HP Pavilion dv4-2100 Series HP Pavilion dv5-1000 Series/HP Pavilion dv5-1100 Series/HP Pavilion dv5-1200 Series HP Pavilion dv6-1000 Series/HP Pavilion dv6-1100 Series/HP Pavilion dv6-1200 Series HP Pavilion dv6-1300 Series/HP Pavilion dv6-1400 Series/HP Pavilion dv6-2000 Series HP Pavilion dv6-2100 Series
CQ40 Series/CQ41 Series/CQ45 Series/CQ50 Series/CQ60 Series/CQ61 Series/CQ70 Series/CQ71 Series/HDX X16-1000 Series/HDXX16-1100 Series/HDX X16-1200 Series/G50 Series/G60 Series/G61 Series/G70 Series/G71 Series